תאטרון בורשה

תאטרון בורשה

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ורשה עיר של תרבות ולא רק קניונים.

לראות תאטרון בורשה ולא רק (רשימה חלקית):

ul. Juracza 2
Built in 1927, this edifice was originally the home of the League of Professional Cyclists. The theatre’s longstanding director Janusz Warminski (1952-96) favoured original, modern pieces, and Ateneum maintains a fine reputation in those orbits. Almost all of Poland’s finest stage actors have played here.

Palace of Culture, pl. Defilad 1
Launched in 1949 as the “Theatre of the Home of the Polish Army” this stonker is based in the bombastic Palace of Culture, Stalin’s post-war present to Warsaw. Bertolt Brecht’s remarked on his visit, “What a beautiful alienation effect!” The theatre has seen many famous debuts (actors and playwrights) and it’s still a popular place for modern productions.

Teatr Wielki
pl. Teatralny 1
Founded in 1828, the aptly named Grand Theatre is a destination in itself. Something of a sanctuary of Polish culture during the nineteenth century era of partitions, the theatre had to be completely rebuilt after the Second World War – it had been reduced to little more than rubble during the conflict. In accordance with its original purpose, the theatre performs Polish and international opera – some of the best that you’ll see in Poland. The Teatr Narodowy (National Theatre)-an entirely separate institution – also performs classic plays here, and their branch is housed in the west wing at no.3. The main building also houses an excellent museum of theatre with a host of flamboyant costumes.

ul. Slowackiego 19a
Mostly new pieces, and generally comedies, of course, performed by a young cast. Various reactions some like it, some hate it, as is evidenced by their forum. Worth investigating then.

ul. Czackiego 15/17
Founded in 1975, Kwadrat evolved into a home for comedy and social farce. Besides the best Polish works (usually modern pieces), many English, American and French plays are performed too (in Polish of though!) Their renowned troupe has toured the world.

ul. Pulawska 37/39
The ‘New’ theatre stages a variety of plays – most of which have a modern spin on them. Everything from classic Polish children’s tales, to the gods of Polish literature to Monty Python – punters either love it or hate it. Eclectic.

ul. Nowogrodzka 49
Respected musical theatre. Stages all the big musicals, performed by some of Poland’s finest artists. A great place to catch a lavish, lively show – recent hits have included the Polish versions of ‘Cats’, as well as older classics such ‘Grease’. A popular fixture.

ul. Foksal 16
Legendary hangout run with an equally legendary hostess. Pre-war cabaret and plenty of raunchy antics. Girls in tight suits swirl around Moulin Rouge style to classic old tunes. A little class, a little skank, a little broadway.