:Guided reservations/tours/service Regulations

You can make a reservation for a tour/service of the site. After the order has been placed, you will get an order confirmation to the order email, stating the details of the order and the status of the order (order in progress).
If the tour booking is less participants than listed in the tour conditions, or for any other terms written in the tour details, the service/tour may not take place.

Payment for reservation/tour/service that had been done and approved can not be cancel by any meaning and the payment will not be return unless the seller agree to refund part or all the payment.

In case of force majeure (guide illness, unorthodox event, etc.) the tour may not take place but if paid in advance
The tour invitee has the right to cancel the tour by send an email to:info@tourpoland.pl (in such a case that the tour has been paid, payment will be return within 7 working days after receiving the request in email to cancel the reservation/tour/service, and the tour operator have the right to cancel the tour without any explanation.

In case of disagreement the buyer agrees that the jurisdiction will be the court in Poland

The buyer agrees to all the terms written here and the actual payment is made as the buyer’s signature

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In a case of dispute, the buyer agree that

Numer NIP

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